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protect your email from spam!

We know that spam and email viruses can be a real hassle - that's why we were the first Hosting provider in Australia to deliver premium anti-spam and anti-virus solutions to our customers for free.

All DHS email accounts receive this built-in email virus filter and spam protection. It's our way of saying thank you for choosing us!

Tens of thousands of emails a day pass through our filters. Our industry leading technology, paired with SpamAssassin, SORBS, SpamCop and Nortons constantly monitors for the latest virus threats to keep your emails safe.

What is AntiSpam?
The Email AntiSpam filter is a free service that helps protect your email account and the people using it from annoying and offensive emails.

How effective is AntiSpam?
This network-level solution will prevent approximately 95% of these email messages from reaching your account. We offer the best accuracy rate in spam filtering technology, which means that only one in every one million email messages has the chance of being incorrectly filtered!

How will AntiSpam work?
As a default, spam messages sent to your account will automatically be deleted before reaching your Inbox. You have the choice of turning DHS's Email AntiSpam filter "on" or "off" at any time. If you would prefer, you may choose to tag and receive all incoming spam messages by following some easy steps to customise your service.

What does Spam Tagging mean?
When spam passes through our Email AntiSpam filter, it will be detected and marked (or tagged) with the words "SPAM" in the Subject line. This email will then be delivered to your Inbox with your other email messages. As the spam messages are conveniently tagged, this enables you to scan your own spam messages and delete or read them as you see fit.

Are there any restrictions?
Our free Email AntiVirus filter and free AntiSpam filter cannot be used when email forwarding is activated on your account. To take advantage of these free services, please deactivate email forwarding using your site control panel.

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