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fantastic deals for designers & resellers!

We're forging ahead with new deals for resellers that mean you can start saving money right away!

Most hosting companies sell you a block of web sites, and you have to SELL all of those sites before you can actually see the savings you're making.

We've come up with a new reseller scheme that means you can save on all your orders once you qualify to enter our reseller scheme!  Over time, as you add more sites to your account, you will be able to move up a tier into the next discount level.  Some of our current resellers are already saving up to 35% on their hosting!

Here's how the scheme works. Once you qualify as a reseller, which is as simple as having purchased any two hosting plans. We then provide you with a discount code, so that every time you buy a new hosting plan, you receive 10% off the price of the plan.

On your yearly anniversary, we review your account to see if you've spent enough on hosting plans to meet the qualifying amount for the Silver or Gold Reseller level. We'll then automatically increase your savings for the next year to 20% (Silver) or 35% (Gold).

See our new reseller pricing structure below...

Item Bronze Reseller Silver Reseller Gold Reseller
Starter Hosting Plan $58.05 / yr $51.60 / yr $41.93 / yr
Business Hosting Plan $132.30 / yr $117.60 / yr $95.55 / yr
Business-Plus Hosting Plan $270.00 / yr $240.00 / yr $195.00 / yr
Starter Email Plan $56.70 / yr $50.40 / yr $40.95 / yr
Small Business Email Plan $105.30 / yr $93.60 / yr $76.05 / yr
Business Email Plan $243.00 / yr $216.00 / yr $175.50 / yr
SSL Certificates $49.50 / yr $44.00 / yr $35.75 / yr
Qualification requirements   only 2 x hosting plans!
To sign up, just place an order & write "bronze reseller" in the comments field. We'll apply the discount when we're processing your order.
$1,000 annual spend on hosting. $3,000 annual spend on hosting.

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